In 2015 LayAway Travel entered the Australian market giving travellers their very first online lay-by payment system. Now in it’s third year, LayAway continues to challenge the way Australian’s can pay for their travel. With no deposit, no hidden fees and no interest, travel has become more accessible to families, singles, couples and groups.  Layaway’s bespoke Layby platform provides businesses to service their customer’s payment requirements, ensuring they get a trip of a lifetime without a financial burden.




Managing travel bookings 12-14 months in advance has its challenges in the simplest payment model.  Layer on top of that a flexible and dynamic payment plan, and you open up a whole realm of complexity in managing payments for customers.  Struggling with traditional Direct Debit providers Layaways needed flexibility and total control of how they managed their payment plans through direct debit.  Their current system wasn’t able to keep up as the company grew at scale.


Split’s powerful API was able to provide the Layaway to manage their payment plans with their customers in real time.  Updating bookings and payment plans directly from their system.  All while providing the customers with real-time transparency of their expected payments.  By integrating into Split Layaway eliminated hours of administration ensuring they carried no admin debt while they scaled.