A payment platform for the digital age

Split’s API automates your existing systems so you get the security and minimal costs of bank transfer but with none of the effort. Just powerful payment collection, disbursement and management that helps modern businesses move money better.

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Direct debit reimagined and rebuilt for the digital world so you get payments from who you need, when you need it – straight to your bank account.

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Instantly and effortlessly send as many payments to as many people as many times as you need to without ever compromising on security or accuracy. It’s payment on your terms.

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Turn even the most complex payments flows into a dynamic, transparent, connected payment ecosystem where everyone has control over when and what they pay or get paid.

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Seamless integration with the bank of your choice

Split’s powerful API connects directly to the Australian and New Zealand banking system to automate complex payment structures.

True automation

Split’s API does the heavy lifting of accepting, verifying, disbursing, managing and reconciling so you don’t have to.

Minimal cost

Split’s based on bank transfer so you get superfast, secure payment without the financial sting of credit cards or other online payment methods.

Real time verification

Tech that checks real-time available funds before the money is moved so you can treat it like a credit card but without the exorbitant costs.


Quick-set the trading terms for when and what payments everyone is happy to collect and disburse then forget about it.

Settlement on your terms

Credit or debit any Australian or NZ bank account and it’ll clear when you want it to.

End to end visibility

Know exactly where, when and what payments have happened at every stage of the payment lifecycle to make cash-flow projections and reconciliation a breeze.

Auto reconciliation

Split’s API auto reconciles the granular details of every payment so you get bulletproof accuracy and accountability without ever having to sweat the small stuff.

Rapid refunds

Reverse a payment as quickly and easily as it was made for hassle-free refunds.

Easy onboarding

Split integrates quickly and seamlessly with every POS, accounting or banking system you use so everyone who needs to pay or get paid can get on board quickly.

Precision payment pain relief

Don’t need or want to radically change your payment processes? You don’t have to. Use Split to zero in on specific pain points in your payment system and get money moving better there.

Cost savings

(through automating AP and AR process)

Bad debt/Fraud reduction

(through automated processing of payments)