Using data to deliver better payments solutions

Split’s Open Banking & real-time payments ecosystem uses secure connectivity and data insights, together with traditional and real-time payments rails, to deliver a direct entry banking solution for the digital economy.

Put simply, our technology improves clearance times and significantly reduces dishonours. Offering the fastest, most cost-effective, and reliable bank transfer capability.

Split have modernised traditional Direct Debit with overlay technology to digitally onboard customers and provide real-time visibility of payments. Our platform delivers an incredible customer experience without the traditional bank transfer headaches.

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Split leverages Open Banking connectivity and machine learning to fix some big problems. Split’s unique ‘available funds pre-check’ eliminates dishonours, and our insights into transactional data means we can move money faster and more securely.

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Split’s world-first Consent Management solution offers fully compliant, real-time consent services. Easily create agreements, manage trading terms and setup authorised reoccurring payments using instant account verification for 100% data accuracy.

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Key Benefits - A Future-Proof Payments Solution

Whether you are comparing direct debit providers, or exploring a sophisticated payout solution, Split Payment’s powerful API connects your business with tomorrow’s payments ecosystem

Faster Payments

Real-time processing through bulk clearing systems and real-time payment schemes moves money faster with Split’s Intelligent Clearance™ solution

Better Collections

Advanced direct debit and credit solutions with digital account verification to reduce dishonours, improve onboarding, and eliminate fraud

Lower Transaction Costs

The best tiered discount rates for bank transfers and messaging services, without any dishonour fees or surprises

Security of Payment

Split’s enduring consent helps you take better control of payment initiation and eliminates unauthorised payments

True Automation

Split’s API does the heavy lifting of accepting, verifying, disbursing, managing and reconciling, so you don't have to

Highly Consumable API

Use Split’s high-quality API documentation and Sandbox environment to build, test, and launch your solution with full and unlimited integration support