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Reduce costs & improve efficiencies


Travel companies like yours are under constant pressure to reduce costs & increase efficiency.

But most companies don’t look to payments for the solution.

Should you?

The old way


The current travel payment landscape is complicated, not integrated, with no transparency.  This results in inefficiencies across the industry, and increased costs for your business.

The Split way


Split provides a central point of administration that streamlines the payment process. An integrated solution that simplifies your payment processes, providing transparency, speed, and efficiency that saves your company time and money.

Hands free processing

Automated same day processing, reconciliation & reporting via a trusted hub

More savings on each transaction

See the direct benefits that Split provides


Time savings

(through reduction in processing time)


Cost savings

(through automating AP and AR process)


Bad debt/Fraud reduction

(through automated processing of payments)

Why choose Split?

Built to support the Travel Industry’s payment needs.


What our clients say

Peer reviewed and supported.

  • SPLIT Travel Payments solutions provides the industry with a robust integrated B2B payment platform enabling seamless processing from online booking tools all the way to client file and bank reconciliation processes. If you're using SPLIT to process your payments you belong the travel industries trusted trading hub, industry verified, payments are processed efficiently with less risk, less cost and more time to focus on what’s important running your business

    Dr. Moira Scerri
    Dr. Moira Scerri SEPIA Consulting Previously Money Direct
  • At ResPax we’re excited to integrate with the Split Payment system, it will provide a great solution for our clients payment settlement and management. We’re always looking to provide better software and integrated solutions with our ResPax suite of software, and I can see why our clients are keen to get onboard with Split.

    Steve O’Malley
    Steve O’Malley BDM Director ResPax Australia
  • I can definitely see the benefits for us in utilizing the Split Payments system, and I also believe it will offer the travel industry a great opportunity to reduces costs and increase efficiencies. They’ve certainly done their homework and we’re keen to get on board.

    Denis Cole
    Denis Cole Raging Thunder

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