About Split Payments

Money doesn’t move the way the world needs it to. We’re changing that.

About Split Payments

Split Payments seamlessly connects businesses and consumers directly with the Australian banking system – creating an entirely new approach to direct entry banking. We’ve created an Open Banking API that makes bank transfers faster, more visible and easier to manage than card payments – but with significantly lower transaction costs. When you combine this with sophisticated features including Direct Debit Consent Management and Instant Account Verification, the possibilities are endless. Our mission is to reimagine global banking infrastructures through deep tech innovation and create a new era of digital banking.

Our motivation

We wanted to set money free from the systems that slow it down so we created a payment platform where money moves as effortlessly and securely as the digital world demands. Built for businesses and individuals that want to get, make and manage payments effortlessly, instantly and securely, Split uses next generation direct debit technology to create seamless payment flows where everyone gets paid exactly what and when they should.

Modern businesses need a payment platform with digital DNA.

Split’s story

There’s unnecessary pain in the way businesses collect and make payments. We knew there had to be a better way. So we built it.

Our collective experience in the travel industry – where complex one-to-many and many-to-many payment flows are standard – gave us first hand insight into the inefficiencies and high cost of existing payment systems in Australia.

We set out to create an online payment platform that supported businesses in their commercial dealings rather than restricted them. One where secure, real time, faster payments that didn’t rely on credit cards were not just possible but enjoyable.

Now we work with businesses across every sector in Australia and New Zealand to help them connect and transact directly and freely across the entire Australian and New Zealand banking system.

Leadership team

Advisory Board

Martin Cowley

Martin brings three decades of executive-level experience in aviation, travel and technology, two decades of which were spent at Swire Group and Cathay Pacific Airways. He also spent ten years with Sabre as CEO of Sabre Pacific in Australia followed by his appointment as Senior Vice President, EMEA, Sabre Travel Network, based in London. Currently based in Sydney, Martin holds several board and advisory board roles with a number of multinational companies in the travel and technology sectors.

Nathan Brown

Former CFO and General Manager at SecurePay – the largest provider of online payments in Australia – Nathan brings deep experience of leading tech companies through significant transformation and growth strategies. Nathan is currently COO/CFO of Melbourne based healthtech firm myDNA where he continues to lead on the launch of new products to market and major tech transformations.