Split pays

Pay as many or as few suppliers that you want, when you want, and what amount. Split can completely automate paying invoices on your terms, providing speed, efficiency, and transparency for both you and your suppliers. Let Split power your payments so you can focus on growing your sales.

Growth without the headaches

Expand your product listings, offerings, stores, and market reach without increasing your accounting cost. Split allows you to scale your business and find new opportunity without increasing your payment costs.

Maintain your Trading Rules

You’ve worked hard to establish your relationships and Split wants to support that. You control how you trade through a variety of notifications, authorizations, and agreements which can be set on a per client basis.

Reporting and Reconciliation

Splits reporting provides detailed records of all transactions you’ve made or have coming to you. You’ll have real time status updates and the ability to reconcile down to the individual a booking reference number.

Your Suppliers will love you

With the ability to handle any amount of different payment terms, you can customize payments per supplier. Keeping your trading partners happy and keen to work with you.

Getting started is simple