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Meet Ajay Sharma, Split’s newest recruit. Ajay takes on a senior role responsible for working with our developer teams, key stakeholders and our clients in delivering our technology roadmap and managing feature releases. Having relocated from Sydney to Split’s head office in Byron Bay, we tabled a few questions to Ajay around such a significant move.

Making a career change is a big decision, what attracted you to Split Payments?

I hadn’t really been looking, but after a fun and relaxed trip to Lennox Head over Christmas I did a little research and found Split, who were based in Byron Bay.

I found myself looking into what Split did, and, being a major fan of the NPP, I got really interested. I love buying and selling and dealing with marketplaces, and the ability to send and receive payments immediately with the buyer/seller right in front of you was a game changer. I just thought it was an amazing idea that Split was enabling this for businesses across the country through Direct Debit/Credit, and how a small team was pushing the boundaries of the old school banking infrastructure that the majority of us had just accepted. I was sold!

What are you most passionate about in your professional life?

With my roots firmly in QA, I’d say I’m most passionate about driving quality products that are built well, tested thoroughly and that deliver on not only what customers want but what they actually need. I take great satisfaction in watching the uptake on newly delivered products and features.

You join us at an unprecedented time where businesses are having to work remotely and deal with some hard realities, how are you coping?

Well, I haven’t had a single beer since I’ve been here! But I take solace in knowing that I’ll be dragging everyone out once this lifts. I think everyone is going through some serious lifestyle changes right now, but the remote setup here is really great, the culture is so well set up for it that it’s already feeling pretty normal. I guess the best way to handle all the free time is to spend it doing some self-improvement; so for me, that’s been trying to get back some basic level of fitness (it’s so bad right now – I need to quit the chocolate peanuts)

I am also reading a bit more (‘Value-able’… so that I can stop losing on the ASX)

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