Experience absolute transparency and peace-of-mind for all parties.

Split’s world-first Consent Management solution offers fully compliant, real-time consent services. Easily create agreements, manage trading terms and setup authorised reoccurring payments using instant account verification for 100% data accuracy.

Whether you’re handling one-off payments or direct debits, security is critical – after all, real-time payments could simply lead to faster fraud…

Split’s Consent Management ™ delivers the first real-time consent solution that creates and manages agreements between parties to authorise payments. Split allows you to set and manage your trading terms directly with each customer – simply agree on payment times and amounts, and let Split do the rest. Plus, end-to-end visibility ensures that you know where, when, and which payments are occurring, at every stage of the payment cycle.

Direct Debit Agreements

In today's digital economy, paper and electronic mandates have been modernised with Split's fully automated real-time consent framework. Create and manage fully compliant Direct Debit Agreements, referred to as Direct Debit Request Service Agreements, or DDRSA.

Enduring Consent

Using Open Banking connectivity, Split delivers an enduring consent that modernises electronic mandates by providing real-time consent verification. This instant check means every payment is protected by ensuring there is unilateral, bilateral, or even trilateral consent and Authority of Payment.

Flexible Payments

Split's Consent Management platform makes flexible payments seamless - from Bill Smoothing to Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) models, your consent acts as the source of truth and control of what payments are authorised and when. Merchants can also empower customers to manage their own Direct Debit Agreements.

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