Next-Gen Direct Debit

Direct debit has always been one of the lowest cost ways of making and receiving payments. But until recently, it hasn’t been the most convenient or desirable option for merchants or consumers. Manual processing and delays in receiving payments made direct debit feel like a payment method for the analogue age. Split has reinvented direct debit so that it moves money as quickly, effortlessly and securely as the digital world demands.

Modern businesses need a payment platform with digital DNA.

Effortless integration with highly consumable API and full support

Split leverages the strengths of direct debit – the security and low cost – but eliminates the effort and admin to create a truly ‘digital first’ payments platform. Our powerful API easily integrates with your existing accounting and POS system so you can automatically collect one-off or recurring payments from your customers with minimal data inputting or effort. Split also provide full integration support and resources without onboarding fees.

Fully digitised direct debit agreements with Consent Management ™

Split have created a Consent Management ™ platform that uses global Open Banking standards and the best account verification tools to provide a world-first digital direct debit request framework. This powerful solution provides security of payment and peace of mind as Real-Time Payments Schemes come of age.

Faster bank-to-bank transfers with Intelligent Clearance ™

Split’s technology is truly a game changer for electronic bank transfers, whether you need a direct debit solution or a payout capability. Our ‘available funds pre-check’ eliminates dishonours by ensuring a customer has sufficient funds in their account. And Spit’s  connectivity with both the traditional banking rails and emerging real-time payment schemes allows us to move money faster but with financial-grade security.

Discover how to eliminate dishonours and increase clearance times.

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