Collect payments effortlessly and instantly from anyone, anytime, without the financial sting of credit cards.

Split have modernised traditional Direct Debit with overlay technology to digitally onboard customers and provide real-time visibility of payments. Our platform delivers an incredible customer experience without the traditional bank transfer headaches.

Whether you require one-off payment facilitation or reoccurring payments for subscriptions and memberships, Split can offer competitive pricing, faster clearance, and the highest standards of security. We work with enterprise clients and small business alike, to make it easier than ever to establish a direct debit payment flow and/or direct credit facilities to handle disbursements and payouts.

Faster Settlement

Real-time processing using bulk clearing systems and real-time payment schemes to move money faster with Split’s Intelligent Clearance™ solution.

Better Collections

Advanced direct debit and credit solutions with digital account verification to reduce dishonours, improve onboarding, and eliminate fraud.

Lower Transaction Costs

Experience the best tiered discount rates for bank transfers and messaging services, no dishonour fees and no surprises.

Secure Payments

Split’s enduring consent helps you take better control of payment initiation and eliminate unauthorised payments.

True Automation

Split’s API does the heavy lifting of accepting, verifying, disbursing, managing and reconciling so you don’t have to.

Highly Consumable API

Use Split’s high-quality API documentation and Sandbox environment to build, test, and launch your solution with full and unlimited integration support.

A Direct Debit Solution built for tomorrow, with Consent Management and Intelligent Clearance.

Split’s basic Direct Debit solution (bank transfers) does not require any contracts, set-up, or annual fees. There are no limits on frequency or volume, allowing you to create a seamless payment environment that meets your business needs. And because Split Payments are a sponsored participant in the Direct Entry banking rails, there is no / low security requirements on your part.

And when you combine Split’s basic Direct Debit processing with our Open Banking tools, you can experience Real-Time Direct Debit ™, with instant account verification, real-time status updates, available funds pre-checks, and faster clearance.

Three easy steps

How it works

Step 1 - Set-Up Payments Terms and Schedules

Create a custom payment form – or embed Split within your existing payment form – to securely create/capture fully compliant electronic Direct Debit Agreements and confirm payment terms in real-time.

Step 2 - Customer accepts Direct Debit Agreement

Customer completes Instant Account Verification (optional) and approves one-off or recurring payments, easily and securely.

Step 3 - Payment Processed

Split automatically processes payment on due dates and provides real-time payment status updates. Split can also perform an optional ‘available funds pre-check’ to avoid dishonours.

You Get Paid

Money is deposited directly in to your nominated business account

More features

Instant Account Verification
Instant account verification (IAV) allows you to digitally onboard and verify a customer’s bank account in a matter of seconds using open banking connectivity. Not only is this with 100% data accuracy (capture account details automatically), it also leverages the legal controls that require financial institutions and other regulated entities to prevent, detect, and report fraudulent activities, giving you absolute peace of mind. These standards and policies are commonly referred to as ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC), ‘Anti-Money Laundering’ (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF). Where IAV is unavailable, Split also deliver a real-time micro-deposit verification solution using Real-Time Payment Schemes.

Real-Time Messaging
In today’s digital economy, real-time messaging is vital in order to ship goods or provide services. The challenge with direct debit or subscription payments via bank transfer has always been the delay in receiving payment status updates – until now. Split delivers real-time payment status updates via API web hooks directly in your existing platforms to notify you when a payment has been submitted and, most importantly, when it clears. This also includes a ‘pre-fail’ message to notify you if there are insufficient funds in a customers account (see Intelligent Clearance tab).

Duplicate Monitoring
Duplicate payments can create unnecessary headaches and reputational damage, whether you are using traditional direct entry banking (such as BECS in Australia and New Zealand, ACH in the United States or SEPA across Europe) or exploring Real-Time Payments (RTP) Schemes to make or collect payments. Split have created powerful & dynamic checks and balances to capture any duplication errors – from duplication monitoring across manual file submissions to supporting idempotency keys to avoid accidentally performing the same operation twice when using our API endpoints.

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