From financial-grade APIs to the highest standards of compliance, Split is focussed on powering enterprise payments.

Enterprises typically handle larger volume and high value payments, so the need for a secure and reliable payments platform is paramount. One challenge with the incumbent financial institutions that can offer this level of provision is the lack of innovation and adaptability to today’s payments rails.

Split combines our core payments processing capabilities with a strong innovation agenda to modernise traditional banking processes. What’s more, we are an identified institution participating directly in core banking rails and real-time payments schemes, including BECS and NPP in Australia. This means we can delver competitive pricing together with outstanding technology.

White Label Solutions: Split Direct

User Experience is everything, and Split can deliver a fully customisable experience with Split Direct, our white Label solution. Split Direct makes it easy to curate your own merchant onboarding experience and manage payments on behalf of your client base. Enjoy full bank transfer capabilities within your own platforms or applications.

Bank-Grade Facilities

Split are directly connected to the banking rails and real-time payments schemes, offering the highly scalable processing capabilities and enterprise pricing that is usually only available through Tier 1 Financial Institutions. What's more, Split maintain full compliance with all prudential standards and regulatory requirements, to deliver the best standards possible.

PayTech Overlays

Split Payments is a Payments Technology (PayTech) business that focusses on creating an ecosystem of capabilities that can seamlessly overlay your own processing facilities and systems. Whether you integrate with multiple banks via Host-to-Host or have legacy enterprise systems, Split can deliver a service fabric to amplify your existing payments processing.

White Label Solutions

Split Direct delivers ‘master merchant’ capabilities, allowing you to seamlessly onboard your own merchants and process payments from within your own platform. Split’s full product suite, including Instant Account Verification and Consent Management, can be fully utilised to deliver the best payments outcomes.

In Good Company

Get in touch to discuss your enterprise payments requirements today or learn more about our white label solution, Split Direct.