Frequently Asked Questions

Split is the world’s first open banking real-time payments platform which allows you to experience effortless payment collection, disbursement, and management that eliminates fees, increases security, and improves clearance times. Split has reimagined direct-entry banking for businesses to deliver Real-Time Direct Debit™, Intelligent Clearance™, and Consent Management™ solutions and offers the fastest, most cost-effective, and reliable global bank transfer capability.

To learn more about Split, visit our About page.

Split is powered by a sophisticated but simple-to-use API that connects you and your customers’ bank accounts, enabling near-instant and super-secure direct bank transfers. You and your customers or suppliers simply agree to the amount and number of payments you’re happy to make, and Split does the work of collecting, disbursing, and managing payments.

Split’s API is user-friendly and flexible for both developers and non-developers. You can give the system a try here in our Sandbox environment. You can also view Split’s API documentation here.

To work with Split, click here and complete the contact form. Within one business day, we will be in touch to provide a quote. From there, getting started with Split is very straightforward. Just create an account and follow the steps to authorise Split to securely access your accounting and banking platform. It takes less than one minute to register your account. If you need help throughout the process, our support team is here to help.

Split offers seamless integration with the bank of your choice. Our powerful API connects directly to the Australian and New Zealand banking system to automate complex payment structures.

Split works by direct bank transfer. There are no holding accounts, so funds are only ever in your or your customers’ bank accounts. It’s as simple and safe as that. Plus, our real-time updates mean you know exactly where your money’s been and where it’s going. For added security, all sensitive information is encrypted and only communicated over secure channels. Your money or data couldn’t be in safer hands.

Split settles payouts between 16-36 hours, depending on the bank that we are sending money to. If you are direct debiting a customer, we’ll settle the fund between 36-72 hours after you initiate the transaction. No waiting for weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments.

Payments, without limits. With Split, there are no limits on how many transactions you can make, the amounts you can collect, or the variations of payments you can make or collect. Plus, with our agreements function, you can set a payment range that you and your customers are happy to make and accept. Split makes it even easier to create flexible payment workflows and keep the wheels rolling.

With in-app and in-documentation messaging, you can get answers to all of your most pressing questions almost instantly. Got questions about technical integration or how to create the best payment flows for your business? Alternatively, send us an email and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Or check out our complete help guide here.