Split Payments

Fastest easiest way to pay

Utilising EFT and Direct Debit facilities Split provides the most efficient and cheapest way to make and receive payments. Make as many or as few payments simply and easily. Or use our PoR features to ensure your payments are made on time every time. Split provides the platform to bring great improvements to your current payment processes.

Split Reports

Crystal clear reporting

Through connection to all parts of a transaction Split can provides a complete picture of all your payments. Up to the minute status updates, search for payments in granular detail, excellent cash flow projections, and easy reconciliation.

Split Refunds

Like a band aid, let’s make it quick

We know refunds aren’t fun, so we’ve made them as simple and painless as possible. Requesting and approving refunds through Split is a flexible and straightforward process. Linked back to the original transaction you can issue full or parital refunds, all through our dual approval process for complete transparency.

Split Agreements

You set your business rules

We provide the platform, you set the rules of how you trade with your business partners. Use our Split Agreements to set how and when payments are made. Set up alerts and notifications to know when payments are made or requested. Finally set your internal controls to ensure you’re getting the most out of Splits ability to streamline your payment processes.

Split API

Efficiency through automation

Supercharge your payment processes through our powerful API. Splits real benefits are realised by integrating directly into your ticketing, reservations, e-commerce, or accounts system. Create an automated end to end payment, booking and reconciliation process within your business.

Developer? Try the sandbox.

Same Day Settlement

Built to support the advancement of Blockchain technology in the banking sector, Split will be able to deliver same day settlement starting from the middle of 2017

Easy as 1-2-3 and Free

There are no contracts, set up charges, or annual fees. Signing up for Split is a simple 3 step process

Service and Support

Our team is here for you. With countless years of experience in the travel industry we’re here to find the right fit between your business and Split. Contact us through our website or through our in app support tools.


Providing you with a trusted and safe trading environment is our #1 priority. We use todays best practice security and authorization tools. When it comes to security we are second to none.

Getting started is simple