Bank to bank

Direct Debit

Split brings new levels of connectivity and possibility to direct debit to create a payment system that works the way the digital economy needs it to. Our powerful API connects to your existing systems so you can collect payments from your customers with zero admin or effort. Open up a new way to get paid, your payments your way. It’s payment that just happens.

A better way

Offer your clients a better way to pay – direct debit/bank transfer gives superfast, secure payment without the financial sting of credit cards or manual processing. There are no contracts, set up charges, or annual fees. Just straight through bank to bank payment, the way it was intended.

Real time

Businesses work in the real world in real-time.  Split offers real-time account verification, real-time status updates, real-time available funds pre-check, and real-time processing.  Accept and manage your direct debit payments in real time, so you can treat it like a credit card without the cost and chargeback risk.


With no volume or frequency limits – set and manage your trading terms directly with your customer.  With complete control and transparency for both parties, you can create a seamless payment environment that meets your business’s needs.

Three easy steps

How it works

Step 1 - Create your payment workflow.

Use split to create a custom payment form or embed Split within your existing payment form to quickly and securely capture payment data.

Step 2 - Customer accepts your payment terms

Customer approves payment and authorises one-off recurring payments, easily and securely.

Step 3 - Split collects your funds

Split checks and collects funds from customer's bank account and provides realtime updates.

You get paid

Your funds are deposited directly into your bank account.


Discover more features

Make payments

Instantly and effortlessly send as many payments to as many people as many times as you need to without ever compromising on security or accuracy. It’s payment on your terms.

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Manage payments

Turn even the most complex payments flows into a dynamic, transparent, connected payment ecosystem where everyone has control over when and what they pay or get paid.

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Designed for developers

Our simple but powerful API allows business to provide all the benefits of Split within their own system.

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