Eliminate dishonours, improve clearance times, and increase collections.

Split leverages Open Banking connectivity and machine learning to fix some big problems, such as eliminating dishonours, and using programmatic  insights into transactional data to move money faster and more securely.

Split is the only payments platform that provides an ‘available funds pre-check’ prior to processing a transaction. In fact, Intelligent Clearance ™ goes much deeper, by analysing transactional history and interbank settlement and clearance times so you can make informed decisions that save money and improve clearance times.

Available Funds Pre-Checks

Utilising secure tokenised open banking connections, Split create and manage customer-initiated enduring consent that enables us to perform an 'available funds pre-check'. By providing a 'pre-fail' message when there are insufficient funds to process a direct debit or credit, there are suddenly great options that result in improved collections and no dishonour fees, ever.

Machine Learning

Split's machine learning capability programmatically analyses transactional data and helps to build a deeper insight in to successfully collecting payments. By creating behavioural patterns based on historical data, and combining this with our knowledge of how different banks and financial institutions utilise direct entry systems, Split can eliminate dishonours and help to move money faster. We call this Dynamic Pre-Fail. 

A Bridging Solution

Split's patented auto switching capability delivers an 'efficiency of payment' by routing a payment across multiple rails based on preconfigured efficiency settings (for example, clearance speed and cost). By combining traditional direct entry technology (to collect payments) with real-time payout capabilities of RTP schemes, Split offer a hybrid bank transfer experience which is made all the more powerful with our Consent Management solution.

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