Experience better collections, faster clearance, and dramatically reduced dishonours.

Any business that has experience with direct debit using bank transfers will appreciate that it is a low cost and trusted way to collect payments. But it’s also not the best technology. Split have modernised direct entry banking for the digital age to make it faster and better, leading to better collections and reduced bad debt.

Split understand the lending and financial services industries better than most, working with some of the biggest names – from Tier 1 financial institutions to small business lenders.

Taking Direct Debit to a new level with Intelligent Clearance and Machine Learning

Beyond providing competitive and at-scale direct debit and credit processing, Split can provide data insights to better manage collections and ultimately deliver better customer outcomes too. We achieve this through Open Banking tools that allow borrowers to give consent for lenders to use data insights for better payments outcomes.

Use Split’s ‘Available Funds Pre-Check’ to confirm that there are available funds in an account prior to processing a repayment – reducing financial stress for borrowers, and resulting in better collections. To discover more about this sophisticated technology speak with Split Payments today.

Integrated Origination

Split have integrations with leading data aggregators and can seamlessly connect with your own origination processes to deliver the best possible user experience in handling Direct Debit Agreements and Payment Schedules for approved loans. Split's Instant Account Verification captures bank account details with 100% data accuracy and with the required KYC, AML and CTF standards.

Available Funds Pre-Checks

Utilising secure tokenised open banking connections, Split create and manage customer-initiated enduring consent that enables us to perform an 'available funds pre-check'. By providing a 'pre-fail' message when there are insufficient funds to process a direct debit or credit, there are suddenly great options that result in improved collections and no dishonour fees, ever.

Instant Payouts 365/24/7

Disburse loans and payments in real-time as cleared funds in under a minute - even during weekends and public holidays - using Real-Time Payments (RTP) Schemes, including Australia's New Payments Platform (NPPA). Split can automatically verify destination accounts to confirm they are NPPA-enabled for security of payment.

In Good Company

Get in touch to discuss your lending payments requirements or learn more about our Direct Debit Solutions and Real-Time Payments.