Dynamic payment

Hassle-free payment

Easily set up payment flows that collect and disburse payments between your customers without the need for holding accounts or any hand holding from you. Set the trading agreements between all parties and Split’s API automatically transfers money between bank accounts for stress-less payment processing. With real time updates and auto reconciliation, everyone knows where money’s been and where it’s going.

End-to-end visibility

Know exactly where, when and what payments have happened at every stage of the payment lifecycle to make cash flow projections and reconciliation a breeze.


Quickly set the trading terms for when and what payments everyone is happy to collect and disburse then forget about it.

Easy onboarding

Split integrates quickly and seamlessly with every POS, accounting or banking system you use so everyone who needs to pay or get paid can get on board quickly.

Manage payments

How it works

Step 1 - Accept payment from your customers

Use Split to create a custom payment form or embed Split within your existing platform to quickly and securely capture payment data.

Step 2 - We go and get your funds

We collect funds and provide realtime updates throughout the transaction lifecycle.

Step 3 - You get paid

We deposit funds into your bank account (no virtual accounts).

Step 4 - Time to pay out

Split's API connects directly to your existing system so we know who, when and how much you need to pay (no manual inputting).

Step 5 - Time to pay out

We collect funds from your bank account and make payments to all parties, providing realtime updates.

Funds land in your customers' accounts

Your customers receive the funds directly into their bank account.


Discover more features

Get paid

Get payments from who you need, when you need it with Split’s API that connects directly to your accounting platform and the banking system.

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Make payments

Instantly and effortlessly send as many payments to as many people as many times as you need to without ever compromising on security or accuracy. It’s payment on your terms.

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Designed for developers

Our simple but powerful API allows business to provide all the benefits of Split within their own system.

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