Recurring payments and more

Split is ideal to manage memberships fees. Split can handle the usual suspects of one off payments and recurring payments, but can easily support all your member’s payment needs. Set up accounts linked directly to your members for easy purchases of goods and services, establish payment plans for bigger membership fees or items. All of this is provided with detailed reporting and transparency for your clients.

Seamless collection

Integrate directly into your membership management system and automate the collection of fees. Customize your payment plans, set recurring payments, or collect one off fees.

Cashless and cardless

Create customer accounts to encourage additional purchase of goods and services. Payments can be made with a push of button with no need for cash and or the cost of credit cards.

Franchises and chains

Split can centralise your franchises or chains direct debit needs, providing complete administrative oversight while giving control and authority to your franchises.


Our easy and simple to use refund feature makes requesting, paying, and reconciling refunds as easy and painless as possible. You have complete control of timing and amounts; we just try to make it as painless as possible.

Getting started is simple