Receive & Disburse Funds Instantly
With Split's PayID for Business.

Provide your customers with a unique PayID to empower instant and accurate
fund transfers, every time, with automatic reconciliation.

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PayID for Business By Split.
Split Second Payments

Split Second Payments

Don’t wait days to receive cleared funds. Say hello to real-time payments and get paid the moment a transaction occurs. Seriously, money has never moved so fast.

Certainty Of Funds

Certainty of Funds

With instant digital consent and debtor identification, you can confidently, flexibly and cost-effectively collect one-off and recurring payments from your customers.

Ease Of Intergration

Ease Of Intergration

Split’s light-touch integration and single API opens the door to a world of future-ready payment solutions that enhance your customer experience and drive more transactions.

100% Accurate

100% Accurate

Split's PayID for Business makes the complex simple. Acquire, receive, disburse, identify parties, establish consent, create virtual accounts and—best of all—reconcile it all automatically.

About Split Payments

Our technology improves clearance times, significantly reduces dishonours, and help merchants like you drive cost transformation, enrich your data capabilities, and provide a better customer experience.

Split was named ‘Australia’s Most Innovative Technology Company’ at the annual Australian Financial Review / BOSS ‘Most Innovative Companies’ awards in 2020.

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