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Direct Debit and Credit Services are the safest and most trusted form of payment, but often the cost of transaction is prohibitive. Split offer reduced costs and tiered volume discounts for the most innovative solution in market today.

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No Dishonours

Split's Open Banking capabilities literally eliminate dishonours. So we don't charge dishonour fees. Simple..

Faster Settlement

Split offer faster settlement with standard clearance times of <24 hours. We also have Instant Payment capabilities.

No Hidden Fees

No set-up fees, no monthly fees, just clear per-transaction pricing with tiered volume discounts.

How much are you paying for payment?

Getting, making and managing payments costs your business. If you use a credit card based payment platform, there’s the high cost of credit card transaction fees and chargebacks. There’s also the hidden business cost of payment processing. Manual processing of invoices, payments, refunds and reconciliation all cost, both in terms of time and in sales or business relationships lost due to delays or errors in the payment system.

Traditional direct-transfer hang-ups

The cheapest way to transfer money is by direct bank transfer but this hasn’t always been the most efficient way. Manual uploading of ABA files and reconciliation along with delays in receiving payment cost your business money. A typical 30 day wait to get paid can create major problems with business cashflow and projections.

6+ Days

Average number of days required to process an invoice using traditional direct bank transfer processes.

$14 Processing Fee

Average cost to process an invoice using traditional direct bank transfer processes.

Processing time and processing costs can have a big impact.

A better way with Split

Split gives you all of the benefits of direct debit with none of the delays or manual labour so you can focus on growing your business, not your back office.

True automation

Split’s API does the heavy lifting of payment processing so you can do away with manual logins and uploading and achieve up to 70% savings in payment processing.

Auto reconciliation

On average, 3.6% of invoices have errors. Split’s the only payment platform that auto reconciles the granular details of every payment so you never get stung by fraud or duplicate payments.

Payment on your terms

Set the trading terms for when and how much you’ll get paid and the money will land in your account exactly when it should so you can wave goodbye to late payments and associated overdraft interest fees.


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Make payments

Instantly and effortlessly send as many payments to as many people as many times as you need to without ever compromising on security or accuracy. It’s payment on your terms.

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Manage payments

Turn even the most complex payments flows into a dynamic, transparent, connected payment ecosystem where everyone has control over when and what they pay or get paid.

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Designed for developers

Our simple but powerful API allows business to provide all the benefits of Split within their own system.

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