Split Agreements

Set the terms of your payments with your customers and seamlessly collect payment on time every time. Eliminating the need for manually intervention Split can automate your collection process from your clients with their explicit permission. We provide an open and transparent platform that supports your trading terms and seamlessly integrates into your existing system.

Pre agreed payment

Split supports condition based payments and supports your trading terms. Set agreements between your trading partners that dictate how, when, and for how much a payment is made. Have a quote pre-approved before commencing work. All automated through Split.

Supercharged Direct Debit

Direct debit is the cheapest and most effective way to receive your money. We have supercharged direct debit facilities to work directly with your billing or accounting systems, while also providing the transparency and control to facilitate complex and varying payment structures.

Make it Easy

Split makes paying bills easy for your clients. Offer payment schedules, include pay now buttons within invoices, or even embed Split into your App. Removing the barriers to make payments increase the frequency of payments.

Simple on Boarding

Whether they are new clients or existing, it’s easy to transition your clients to Split Payments.  It takes just a couple minutes and away you go.

Getting started is simple