Real-Time Payments with Float Management Tools

By the end of 2020, there will be more than 60 countries with domestic Real-Time Payments (RTP) Schemes. RTP enables merchants to process payments in to bank accounts as cleared funds in under a minute! It’s also ‘always-on’, which means you can make instant payments anytime, including weekends and public holidays.

In Australia, our RTP Scheme is called the New Payments Platform (NPP), and Split Payments are proud to offer a powerful NPP solution that delivers real-time payments and disbursements capabilities. This is complemented by Split’s secure onboarding tools (Instant Account Verification) and consent management platform to deliver outstanding Security and Authority of Payment frameworks.

‘Always On’ Payments

Pay every day! Make instant payments beyond normal business hours, including weekends and public holidays – 24/7/365.

Float Management Tools

Manage the way you fund your instant payments with complete flexibility and automated processes.

Instant Account Verification

Leverage Split’s state-of-the-art Open Banking digital onboarding tools to identify payee accounts with 100% data accuracy.

Bulk File Upload Tools

Submit line-by-line payment instructions via API integration or use Split’s unique bulk file upload wizard to receive and send files in familiar formats. 

Bank Account Reachability

Split pre-validates destination bank accounts to ensure they are activated to successfully receive payments via RTP rails.

Adaptive Rail Switching

Revert to alternative payments rails if required using Split’s switching/ bridging capability. For example, collect direct debits via bank transfer, and payout via real-time payments.

Real-Time Payments (RTP)

How it works

Step 1 - Float Management

Top-up your virtual payout account with dynamic float options including manual top-up, daily reconciliation, or threshold settings (auto top-up when your account reaches a pre-set minimum).

Step 2 - Initiate NPP Payment

You can initiate payments via API or through Split’s User Interface. Split are fully integrated as an Identified Institution, offering direct connectivity with the NPP platform.

Step 3 - Payment Processed

Split confirms that the destination account is RTP enabled (currently 68.5 million Australian Bank Accounts according to NPPA data). We can also provide a bridging capability to defer to standard direct credit processing to ensure 100% reachability.

Your Customers Receive Instant Payments

Receive funds instantly, 24/7, even on weekends and public holidays.

Get in touch to discuss your payments requirements and activate NPP payments today.