Protecting your payments

We take security very seriously. From small optimisations to large new features, security considerations are at the forefront of our process so payments are effortless but always safe.

Uncompromising security is the baseline standard at Split Payments.

Secure communication

All communication is encrypted using 128 bit TLS 1.2 ensuring that your information is never transmitted in clear text and always safe from prying eyes.

Secure development practices

Our development follows industry-standard secure coding guidelines, such as those recommended by OWASP so you can be certain of secure payment (

Secure infrastructure

We use ISO 27001, FISMA & IRAP certified data centers that undergo recurring assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards.

People you can trust

Together, we have years of experience in business and fintech so we know what matters when it comes to security and how to create a product that keeps your money and data safe.

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