Fully embedded onboarding to ensure the user experience is within your platform or application. 

Split Direct is our white label solution, offering fully customisable merchant onboarding and direct entry processing. It’s the perfect solution if you are a third party payments provider, payment facilitator, or even a marketplace or commerce platform.

Split Direct delivers ‘master merchant’ capabilities, allowing you to seamlessly onboard your own merchants and process payments from within your own platform. Split’s full product suite, including Instant Account Verification and Consent Management, can be fully utilised to deliver the best payments outcomes.

Merchant Onboarding

Use Split’s fully digital Instant Account Verification (IAV) to onboard merchants with 100% data accuracy. IAV also creates enduring consent to enable ‘Available Funds Pre-Check’ & balance enquiries. Alternative onboarding tools includes Micro-Deposits utilising Real-Time Payments Schemes. 

No Limits

Split Payments provide full access to scalable Direct Entry and Real-Time Payments (RTP) rails with no / low security requirements and none of the red tape that is normally prohibitive. Enjoy unlimited processing power thanks to Split’s high levels of compliance with all regulatory requirements. 

Highly Consumable API

Split Payments are proud to deliver the best possible tools to ensure your integration is well defined, fully supported, and seamless. Use Split’s high-quality API documentation and Sandbox environment to build, test, and launch your solution with full and unlimited integration support.

Simple merchant onboarding

How it works

Step 1 - Your client requests feature activation

From within your platform or application, your client can request to activate your Direct Debit or Real-Time Payments features. They complete Instant Account Verification and accept your specific Terms.

Step 2 - Split creates Merchant Account

Split create a Merchant Account and a unique Merchant ID, which is returned to you – the Master Merchant. These details, including an Access Token, are stored so you can initiate payments through Split on behalf of your clients.

Step 3 - Your Customer Initiates Direct Debit / Credit

When a payment initiation is triggered, the Master Merchant posts an API call to Split with your clients Merchant ID & Access Token. Split processes payments and sends responses/status back in real-time so your payments ledger can be updated within your platform.

Your Merchant Gets Paid

Money is either deposited directly in to merchants account (pass through service) or via the Master Merchant.

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