Split collects

Split provides a trusted payment platform that will automate your accounts receivable process, reducing the costs of collecting payment and increase your cash flow. Splits powerful reporting and user features makes collecting your money easier, faster and cheaper.

Cash flow

Cash is King! Split will help you keep a healthy cash flow by ensuring your payments are made on time everytime.

Payment on request

Our PoR feature allows you to have payments pre-approved by your agents ensuring timely and accurate payments are made. Split provides the flexibility to set the terms of PoR’s to support the trading relationship.

Maintain your Trading Rules

You’ve worked hard to establish your relationships and Split wants to support that. You control how you trade through a variety of notifications, authorizations, and agreements which can be set on a per client basis.

Reporting and Reconciliation

Splits reporting provides detailed records of all transactions you’ve made or have coming to you. You’ll have real time status updates and the ability to reconcile down to the individual a booking reference number.


Our easy and simple to use refund feature makes requesting, paying, and reconciling refunds as easy and painless as possible.

Getting started is simple