Split collects

Create a seamless booking and payment flow by integrating Split into your wholesale system. Reduce the time money and effort spent on ensuring the timely collection and payment of bookings. Maintain your existing trading terms or create a better payment eco system to benefit all of your partners. We want to help take some complexity out of your business.

Collect from your outlets

Use Split to automate the collection of invoices from your outlets. Ensuring that your cash flow is never effected and your suppliers are never left waiting.

Payments made easy

Pay who you want when you want, all automated by Split. Make your suppliers happy ensuring accurate payments on time every time.

Automation is everything

The increase in efficiency and reduction in costs through automation are well documented, as well as providing new opportunities to your business previously unachievable through manual processing.


Our easy and simple to use refund feature makes requesting, paying, and reconciling refunds as easy and painless as possible.

Getting started is simple