Zoom2U is Australia’s fastest growing express courier service. One of the country’s leading share economy companies, Zoom2U uses the latest and greatest technology to provide an amazing consumer experience while delivering packages at a staggering speed.


As with many companies in the share economy sector, contractors are able to decide when and how many hours they work. With hundreds of drivers setting their own schedules and over half a million deliveries a year, Zoom2u has a high number of varying weekly payouts to drivers. At the beginning, payouts were managed manually, however as Zoom2U grew, the time and effort involved to maintain the weekly payroll cycle was too high.


Zoom2U’s precise systems and automations ensure the company delivers its customer promises – so why not automate payouts as well? By integrating Split’s API, Zoom2U was able to do exactly this – automatically and securely pay drivers through their platform, direct to their bank accounts, and automatically reconcile in Xero. The result? Zero manual intervention and a payouts process that can scale as rapidly as Zoom2U.